It rained last night

Yes it rained last night here in Melbourne.  Of course that meant that the nearby hills, which has a few small waterfalls would be worth a visit.  Yahoo I said lets get going, so it was time to grab the camera bag and a ND filter (variable) so that I could do those soft dreamy water flows that everyone loves.

After a bit of a trudge down the mountain slope to the water fall getting wet shoes on the way as it was so damp underfoot I arrived at the waterfall.  Now this is no gigantic cascade it is just a small waterfall but it is very accessible with a nice foot bridge built over the main part.  Just great for a photo.  No dangers of climbing over wet rocks with heavy backpacks and tripods, just stand on the bridge and shoot away.

I took a couple of shots, one at 30 seconds and one at 8 seconds.  Along with another shot further upstream where there is a small stumble in the streams downward path.  Well enough ramblings here are the two shots.  Enjoy and if you would like one gracing your walls then do drop me a line and we can discuss price and delivery.

a-little-cascade-lr small-fall-lr


4 thoughts on “It rained last night

  1. suzjones

    Getting those type of shots is a dream of mine. Just gorgeous John.
    Although I laughed when you said “It rained last night in Melbourne”. I’m like “It rains at least 80% of the time”. lol

    1. johnholding Post author

      thank you Suz, any time you would like a lesson on how to take shots like drop me a line. I don’t charge a great deal for lessons.


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