Exploring an idea

Today I was thinking about arranging a number of gum leaves in a frame.  Each would be hanging in a rough matrix.  So I proceeded to collect a few leaves and time them to pieces of cotton.  Each strand of leaves was then strung between the sides of an old picture frame.

Now it was time to photograph them so that I could at least get close to my original idea.  This proved to be not so easy, mainly because it was difficult to support the frame.  Still after a few attempts and some assistance from one of my sons whose duty was to hold the black cloth I managed to get a photo that was reasonable.  Not quite what I first imagined but still ok.

The hardest aspect was getting an angle that produced something of interest.  Certainly photographing a subject like this is difficult because of depth of field issues.  However it was all a bit of fun and is always a good thing to try,  that is trying out an idea to see if will work.

Anyway have a look at the result and let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Exploring an idea

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thanks Henrietta, I spent some time trying to find an angle that was half reasonable with those leaves. I think probably I needed to hang them on longer strings so I could photograph them from a different perspective.


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