Melbourne in the early light

I have been waiting for  the right weather to roll along so that I could get an early morning shot of Melbourne CBD from Swan Street Bridge.  Finally this morning was clear and I was awake early enough to wander into town and get the shot I have been waiting for.

Now this morning was not that colourful as far as dawns go however the morning light is fantastic for landscapes.  Everything is bathed in a beautiful soft light with no shadows of harsh contrasts.  The light of dawn  like sunsets provides for beautiful photography, so if you want to improve your shots then wait until the sun is below the horizon or is producing a brilliant sunrise/sunset and then get to work.  The light only lasts for a short period of time and if doing buildings etcetera its only a few minutes where the light in buildings is about the same as daylight.  That time by the way is always just before or just after the sun sets.

Enough ramblings here is the shot from this mornings jaunt:


PS excuse the posterisation, thats an artefact from reducing the quality so that the photograph is not worth stealing.


10 thoughts on “Melbourne in the early light

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thanks Ben, I actually wasn’t intending the posterisation as a deyerant it was an artefact of reducing the quality to such a low level.


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