St Pauls cathedral Melbourne

The St Pauls cathedral is one of my favourites here in Melbourne.  Whilst it does not have the grandeur of many of the world great cathedrals it is still worth looking at.  So from time to time I wander in to take a few photographs or just simply to look at its beauty.

Now having recently bought a Pentax 645z, which many would say I am wasting money on, and being somewhat astounded with its image quality and all round ability I just had to try it out in what is a sometime difficult photographic environment.  It is difficult because one has to pay $15 dollars to use a tripod so that one could HDR the scene and secondly it is a functioning church regularly visited by tourists as well as worshippers.

So camera in hand I paid the $5 fee for taking photographs without a tripod and wandered around trying out the camera.  I am impressed with its ability and dynamic range.  It truly is a phenomenal camera.

Now to the images: These are all untouched other than the one conversion to Sepia in Lightroom.

St-Pauls-lr stpaul-1lr stpauls2-lr


6 thoughts on “St Pauls cathedral Melbourne

    1. johnholding Post author

      It does seem a pity to have to pay,however the congregation is now small and it cost about $3000 a week to maintain do I don’t mind contributing to help keep it going.


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