Suburban Botanicals

I have planted a few Flanders Poppies and I am still waiting for them to flower.  In the meantime I bought, a few weeks ago, some tulips which are now in bloom.  So today I picked the tulips, the first three of six.  I tried a few different arrangements but this is the one that for me worked the best.  Hope you like it.




7 thoughts on “Suburban Botanicals

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you Suz, Look forward to seeing your tulips, do be adventurous and try the high key version. If you are unsure of how to do it then drop me a message and I will give you some info.

      1. suzjones

        Thank you for your offer John. So how do you photograph high key? 🙂
        I was playing with some lavender the other day but couldn’t get it right.

      2. johnholding Post author

        Hi Suz, My very first botanical was done like this: get a few small fluorescent lights or other lights that won’t burn paper due to heat and place a piece of white paper over them. Then arrange the flowers to your preference. Put the camera on a tripod and over expose so that the paper which normally will come out a dirty grey is mostly white. This will require a bit of experimenting to get right. Then adjust the exposure in Photoshop or its equivalent such as GIMP. Its mostly playing around till something works. Now I use a light box that I made for about $100. Its really a Ikea table with the top cut out and strip leds fitted in under an opaque perspex lid.

      3. suzjones

        I like the idea of a light box and might get my Garden Gnome onto that one however using paper over lights might just work. I wonder if LED lights would work? I don’t think they generate the heat that most other lighting does.
        Thanks so much John. I will look into this a little further and play.
        I tried the other day to take photos using the natural light in our second bathroom the other day and then cloned the background all one colour. It didn’t quite work but was fun to play with.

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