Molina’s Flowers

I usually go to Oakleigh to buy spelt bread from a bakery situated in the Oakleigh mall.  The baker, who goes by the name of Molina, (at least that is what I though she said her name was) after seeing some of suburban botanicals offered to bring in a few flowers that she had growing in her garden.  Molina did say what they were but as per usual I have forgotten what they are.  


Now Molina’s flowers are quite pretty but are suffering a bit from being picked late in their bloom.  Despite that they did make a nice study for the high key photography that I like to use for flowers or other parts of plants.  So here they are hope you like them.




4 thoughts on “Molina’s Flowers

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thanks Henrietta, there wasn’t much more of the stems available, its all a compromise with photography unfortunately.


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