Another attempt at chasing Sugimoto

Today here in Melbourne a foggy morning presented an opportunity to take a photograph of a foggy sea view.  Now while I call this chasing Sugimoto I am in fact not replicating his work, which was filmed based and generally very long exposures, producing sublimely delicate images.  What I am doing is exploring a concept in photography of minimalism,  reducing the photograph to two elements with a graduation between the two that makes the boundary indistinguishable.

Previous attempts have often lacked that subtle graduation between the sky and the sea.  In this case it is fog and the sea.  there is a major problem this image to my mind:  I should have taken a tripod so that I could have fitted a neutral density filter enabling a longer exposure so as to reduce the sea to a much softer part of the photograph.  By not using a tripod I have reduced the my ability to make the boundary indistinguishable.  Therein lies that truth for all photographers, take a tripod with you for landscapes, you may  not need to use it but if you do then you can.  Having no tripod has limited this photograph.   


Having said all that I still like the photograph, however it does show that to produce a really fine work, especially in landscape one must be prepared to go again and again to find that image that really works.




12 thoughts on “Another attempt at chasing Sugimoto

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you John, wished I had taken the tripod, still tomorrow morning may be foggy so I may get another opportunity.

  1. Johann Briffa

    I really like the range of subtle colours, and I feel what you mean about the tripod. I always carry a small (ie lightweight and compact, but extends almost full size) tripod with me whenever I go for a walk. Even though sometimes I don’t use it I never regret carrying it around. I bought it after realising that I never used to carry my tripod simply because it was too bulky and heavy. And of course you’re spot on about the benefit of revisiting a place often 🙂

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thanks Johann, I really had no excuse I drove there and it was a two metre walk to take the shot it was just lack of planning.

  2. Henrietta Richer

    Hi John, I’ve just started following your blog recently having read about you on L.Cole’s. I lové this image and hâve tried some like this my self, but by using caméra movement V. 🙂 . I cursed myself just the other day when I took my dog for à walk on a beautiful misty morning in the fields, without my camera and tripod. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Sorry about the accents etc this ipad is programmed for French.

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you for following and the compliment. I also hate it when one comes across a great shot and there is no camera to hand. Are you in France or is just the ipad programming?

      1. Henrietta Richer

        I live in the country west of Paris. My village is far enough away to enjoy country life, but close enough to go into the city regularly. Although it does take an hour and a half to get to the centre. The ipad is my husband’s, who is French. I’ve lived in France for 28yrs !

      2. johnholding Post author

        Hmm, somewhat jealous I think. Paris, visited September 2012 so loved all that we saw which was nowhere near enough. Wil be back to take in more of what it has to offer.

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