Continuing the Suburban Botanical series

I have for nearly two years been taking high key photos of leaves, plants and flowers that I find in my neighbourhood.  Lately I have had to wait for some anemone bulbs to flower and I am still waiting patiently for the Flanders Poppies to put up a few flowers as well.  I also planted a few tulip bulbs which I am hoping will produce a nice spray of flowers to add to my collection.


Today I had five anemones open their collective flower heads so it was time to pick those five heads and proceed to photographing them.  Now normally I lay the flowers down so that there is no vase to include.  However today I decided that I would vase the flowers and try that , just for a bit of variation.  With not to much to go wrong it was just 5 shots to get the one I wanted,  here it is hope you like it (including a copyright overlay which I hope is not too distracting).



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