Working with textures in photoshop

Along the lines of my last post I decided to try using textures on a simple flower photograph to further my photoshop skills.  This has become possible now that I can select a part of the image with much greater accuracy.  Previous attempts have always left me with an image that looks like I cut out the selection with a pair of pinking sheers,  not nice.

Having had a photograph of aJapanese Anemone, at least that what I think it is, and if you do know then let me know because my botanical knowledge is what one would call challenged.  I then selected the background and used a layer mask to hide it leaving only the flower.  Then added in a blank layer which is visible in the masked areas.  Into the blank layer I added a photograph of some rock and gaussian blurred that so it became more of a background instead of an in focus foreground appearance.

Finally I added another layer over the first few and then added the rock layer again, made it an overlay layer and reduced the opacity till I had something that I liked.  That finished all of the layering to get an image that seemed to work.  Finally added in a black and white layer, tweaked that to pop the pinks and yellows and added a couple of gradient maps, black and white to boost the contrast.


This is the result.


Hope you like it.




17 thoughts on “Working with textures in photoshop

  1. John

    Wow nice! I’d say you have this PS thing figured out. Too complicated for my head unless I could set down with someone and learn one-on-one. Nice work!

  2. johnholding Post author

    Thank you John, there are plenty of Adobe TV videos on how to do stuff, almost as good as having a one on one. That is how I am learning at the moment, give it a try its fun.

      1. johnholding Post author

        I am pretty sure that you can do similar things in GIMP, after all I am not doing anything overly complex here, just a few layers and a photo of a texture, in this case a rock.

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you James, still so much to learn with Photoshop, let alone photography. However that is the joy of it all.

  3. Tiny

    Very nice result! I really like it! I’m doing lots of PS stuff and learning too…but have not posted much of it, yet. It’s really fun, and if I get stuck I am so privileged I can call my son who’s at professional level in PS and a dozen of other graphics apps 🙂


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