Looking at Melbourne

A few years ago the Eureka Tower was built in Southbank, Melbourne.  Eureka for Australia has cultural significance as it featured in a small rebellion against unjust treatment of miners near Ballarat.  The most well know aspect of the whole incident was the Eureka stockade a fortification erected by the miners to repel the government troopers.   From that particular incident a flag was created which featured a stylised Souther Cross on a blue background.


The Eureka tower in its design has some features that reflect the incident.  Part of the tower is golden in colour with a red stripe to represent blood and the building itself has a blue and white theme picking up the colours of the flag.

After a visit on Friday with Leanne Cole (thank you Leanne for inviting me) we took a few photographs from the 88th floor.  The single biggest problem is getting rid of reflections in the glass windows.  There is quite extensive lighting inside all of which is nice but oh so difficult when trying to photograph Melbourne.  Despite all of that I have three shots that are ok, meaning not to many noticeable reflections.


Here they are hope you enjoy them and if you are in Melbourne and looking for a great aspect to see Melbourne from then visit the Eureka Tower.


Eureka-east-lr eureka-westlr eurekalr


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