Photography at Airey’s Inlet

Monday afternoon Leanne Cole and I went to Airey’s inlet for an Astrophotography shoot, especially around the lighthouse.  However as we wanted to review some different sites for the best opportunities we left a little early.  That meant there was time to do a few landscape shots as well.

Those that have been following me know that I made a rough and ready Panoramic head.  Well I took a couple of scenes one of which turned out ok after a little bit f tweaking.  Must thank Leanne for some very nice tips on enhancing only certain parts of an image.  Still much to learn about doing Panoramic shots, including getting the exposure right. Here is the one Panoramic shot that worked.


Then it was down to the local hotel or pub for a meal.  Very nice it was too, fish and chips with plenty of salad, yummy.  Nice fire burning meant that leaving the comfort was more difficult.  Still one does not drive 150kms just to be lazy.  So it was back to the first of the selected sites.


I attempted a panoramic astro from the same location as the one above but due to the ease in which one can pick the wrong knob on the Manfrotto gear head meant that I ended up not being able to stitch the images in Photoshop.  Next time another attempt may prove more fruitful, especially if I take much more care. Enough waffling now to the images.


The first taken from the beach with the 16-35mm, still a bit of cloud around and I really pushed the exposure time up to 50 seconds which means you can start to see star trails.  I wouldn’t normally do this but for this shot I just wanted more star light and was less worried about some trailing versus a strong image.



After that it was up to the light house for the next shot. This was taken using the fisheye at 14mm, hence the ground appearing in all corners.  Taken looking straight up still a bit of cloud around but none interfering with the Milky Way.



The next two shots are from vantage points near the light house, each a little further away.

_MG_7291v2lr _MG_7298v2lr

Don’t know which is my favourite, think it is the one looking straight up.  Hope you enjoy the set.


Oh and the final image is a partial panorama of the beach,  pity I couldn’t get it all in but here is what worked.  Much work to be done with the panoramic shots.




13 thoughts on “Photography at Airey’s Inlet

  1. Leanne Cole

    They turned out great John. The one with the fisheye is fantastic. Would be nice to go back another time when there are no clouds around. Thanks for letting me tag along.

    1. johnholding Post author

      thanks Colline, yes city life certainly makes it difficult to see the stars. I have to travel at least 100km’s to get a half reasonable view.

  2. John Robinson

    John, I dropped by on Leanne Cole’s recommendation. The photo gallery of your work on her site is STUNNING! I have a humorous photoblog where I’ve posted one of my photos with a “pun-ny” caption every weekday for over 3-1/2 years.

  3. Erwin

    Thank you for your beautiful photos and sharing your knowledge about astrophotography. This amazing photos remember me camping in the bush where you have only the fire and stars. The universe in the southern half is amazing.

  4. Robyn G

    Great photos John… Looks like you guys had a great time!
    Really like the full panorama and well all of them and I do like the lighthouse with the stars!
    I was telling Leanne, I had my first go at shooting the stars with hubby. He’s done it many times in years past.
    Mine were terrible…I had crop factor on…lol… But its such fun!
    Will definitely try again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. poppytump

    Good to see you featured on Leanne’s ‘Introduction’ blog post !
    Also grateful for the guest post you did re astrophotography it helped me a lot 🙂
    Such lovely shots – how amazing is that Milky Way down there in the Southern Hemisphere .

  6. johnholding Post author

    thank Poppy glad you found the astro post helpful. If you need more info feel free to ask.


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