Chasing Hiroshi Sugimoto

Having seen some of Suigmoto’s work and been fascinated by the surreal quality of his seascapes I have spent some time looking for scenes that are similar but have their own uniqueness.


Recently I took a afternoon trip down to Sorrento principally to get a few shots from the back beach (looks onto the southern ocean).  However on this occasion there was a bit of mist over Port Phillip Bay and with the sun low down the bay looked very much like those found in Sugimoto’s work.  Now I know that many of Sugimoto’s works are long exposures on film and as I didn’t have a film camera with me nor the necessary techniques to do a 2-3 hour exposure I had to settle for using a different method.  Additionally as I am not about copying each exposure must have something extra that is not in Sugimoto’s work, in these cases it is man made objects.


In this case I have used a ND400 filter (basically very dark glass) and looked to overexpose the image to a fair degree.  Now whilst these shots are not as beautiful as Sugimoto’s work I am still happy with how the have turned out.  As the evening wore on I could discard the ND400 and just go with a stopped down lens and ISO of 50.


Another photographer who’s work I admire is Franco Fontana,  one shot turned out slightly like his work with strong dark seas and golden skies.  Again nowhere as good but like all things having an eye out for the potential is part of the way in which ones photography will improve.


Hope you like them.   The chasing Sugimoto set:_MG_6940lr _MG_6950lr _MG_6934lr

The one image akin to Fontana’s work.



4 thoughts on “Chasing Hiroshi Sugimoto

    1. johnholding Post author

      thanks Justin, sometime a scene calls out for overexposure versus that standard approach. Not something that I do very often.


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