Today, after a few days of home I decided that come hell or high water I needed togo out and take a few photos.  Very much a whim of the moment.  So it was pack the camera gear and head off to Blairgowrie, a destination that I wanted to go to a few days ago. The weather was not so nice, with occasional rain, strong winds and a high choppy sea.  Despite that the features at Blairgowrie do make it easy to find as reasonable shot.  What was missing for  me was the reef that is visible at low tide.  However one can’t have everything, especially as low tide today was after dark.


Well here are three shots from the trip hope you like them.


Blairgowielr _MG_6056 _MG_6050




10 thoughts on “Blairgowrie

  1. Leanne Cole

    I have been there before, but not there specifically, next time you want to go I might have to hitch a lift, looks like a great place to take some photos, love what you got.

    1. johnholding Post author

      Hi Leanne, I did think about asking but it was such short notice. I will be going again when there is a low tide so I can get to the reef, which apparently is pretty good to photograph. Thanks for the lovely feedback.


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