Working at an abstract level

Often with photography it seems that everything has been done.  Which of course leads one to think about doing something different.  Quite some time ago I stumbled across the works of Idris Khan (well worth looking at for there sublime representation of music and art).  Now like all works doing a copy of someones work is simply not highly though off.  However using a technique and developing ones own style is quite ok.  After all all landscapes, street, portraits etc are just using a set of techniques,  the same as in painting or other art forms.  Indeed once in the painting world creating original work was frowned upon as it was considered that copying masters was the only form of acceptable art ( I will stand to be corrected on this as it is my interpretation of an article I read once).  However I digress, back to my abstract work.


Using a technique of multiple exposures of the same object and stacking in Photoshop or your favourite software one can have a lot of un creating images that represent the original object in a very abstract way.  This can be essentially any object one likes the only tedious part is loading the 50+ images and then blending to get what you are after.


Here is one image of a clock that I did a while ago.  Of course if you like it and want a copy then feel free to drop me a line and we can work out how you could become the proud owner of this piece.


1035 a time abstract


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