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Today, after a few days of home I decided that come hell or high water I needed togo out and take a few photos.  Very much a whim of the moment.  So it was pack the camera gear and head off to Blairgowrie, a destination that I wanted to go to a few days ago. The weather was not so nice, with occasional rain, strong winds and a high choppy sea.  Despite that the features at Blairgowrie do make it easy to find as reasonable shot.  What was missing for  me was the reef that is visible at low tide.  However one can’t have everything, especially as low tide today was after dark.


Well here are three shots from the trip hope you like them.


Blairgowielr _MG_6056 _MG_6050




Working at an abstract level

Often with photography it seems that everything has been done.  Which of course leads one to think about doing something different.  Quite some time ago I stumbled across the works of Idris Khan (well worth looking at for there sublime representation of music and art).  Now like all works doing a copy of someones work is simply not highly though off.  However using a technique and developing ones own style is quite ok.  After all all landscapes, street, portraits etc are just using a set of techniques,  the same as in painting or other art forms.  Indeed once in the painting world creating original work was frowned upon as it was considered that copying masters was the only form of acceptable art ( I will stand to be corrected on this as it is my interpretation of an article I read once).  However I digress, back to my abstract work.


Using a technique of multiple exposures of the same object and stacking in Photoshop or your favourite software one can have a lot of un creating images that represent the original object in a very abstract way.  This can be essentially any object one likes the only tedious part is loading the 50+ images and then blending to get what you are after.


Here is one image of a clock that I did a while ago.  Of course if you like it and want a copy then feel free to drop me a line and we can work out how you could become the proud owner of this piece.


1035 a time abstract

Macro with the MPE 65

If you are a user of the Canon EOS system and have decided that macro work is something that is worth trying then one lens above all others should be on your must have list.  That lens is the MPE65.


Now this is not an easy lens to use.  There is no focus other than move the camera closer of further away. It has a very shallow depth of field and needs a flash to freeze any movement from camera shake as well as illuminate the object.  In short it can be a real dog to use.


However when one gets used to its difficulties it can do amazing things.  I have used it to photograph a wine bottle via the gas bubbles found in champagne (took me two years of on and off trying to get it).  Its ability to magnify up to five times yes that is five times provides a view into details most people cannot see or photograph.

A few days ago I found a wasp drowning in my pool,  this is the result of using the MPE65 at about 3 times magnification after I put the wasp on a Camelia flower.



Then there is that group of spiders called jumping spiders that have great big eyes out front, they look like this when captured with the lens.  This spider is about the size of a grain of rice.



_MG_5301So if you love macro work and have a Canon EOS DSLR then this lens must be on your list.