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Another Astro Photography night

Last night I had the pleasure of going out with Leanne Cole, a fine art photographer based here in Melbourne.  You can see Leanne’s work here:

Now for the results of last night.  Firstly I used a fisheye lens, which produces quite a curve to the horizon.  However I wanted the extra coverage of the sky as it better shows the beauty of the Milky Way.  Secondly post processing is required.  If one has taken a number of images then stacking becomes an option.  However the stacking has problems due to the stars moving image to image so careful realignment is required.  This can be time consuming, however the results can be stunning.  For todays post I have not stacked any image.  They are single shots with a F4 lens at ISO 12000 and speed of 30 seconds. With a single image post processing is required and in this case I have used Lightroom to increase highlights and whites and increase blacks ( slide to left) and then Photoshop levels to further enhance the stars.  Other processing involves hue and saturation and use of filters to pull out the reds.  Note there is a bit of noise in these shots which stacking does a great job of removing.  However as I did not take a series of shots I had none to stack.

Hope you like the results._MG_5291 _MG_5297