Should I throw out the images I don’t like?

Often when we bring our camera home and download the images taken and go through them we find many we don’t like.  The question then arises is what does one do with them.  Should they be deleted or kept.


Well for me I keep most and only delete the images that are badly blurred or suffer from major over or under exposure as to make them unusable.  The rest I usually keep.

Why?  Well there are times when going back over images one can find a use or with a little bit of tweaking turn it from a poor image to an average to good image.  Moreover as one gets more experience in post processing images can be made to lift and even shine.


For instance two years ago we were in Paris (what a city!!!) and like all other tourist I took a snap of the Eiffel tower which looked like this.



Today after a bit of processing ( I spotted the image whilst doing another task and thought it had potential) and it wasn’t much processing.  Just some adjustment and brush work in ACR and then BW conversion in Photoshop and no image blending (the advantage of shooting RAW images the blown out areas still contain a great amount of detail), it turned into this. Not perfect and in many ways an average photo but still better than the original.


Moral of the story keep most images you never know when it might appeal to you.


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