Enjoying street photography

There is something about doing street that is captivating.  Not only can one enjoy the casual acquaintance if one chooses to talk to some of those that have made the grade for being photographed but one can also enjoy the fresh air, seeing new places and the fact that in doing street there is always something new to be found.


At times when starting off, and I find this on every occasion, it takes a bit of effort to lift the camera and shoot.  After all it can be confronting, however after the first few it becomes addictive and enjoyable, for the reasons above.  Today I joined a group of fellow street enthusiasts and roamed around a few popular areas of Melbourne.  All in all a very enjoyable day.  Out of the 100 shots I found three that I really liked.


Hope you like them as well._MG_4747 _MG_4763 _MG_4779


5 thoughts on “Enjoying street photography

  1. Leanne Cole

    You got some great shots John, I really like the first one, the way that woman is standing out, everyone else going about their business and she is just looking up. Fantastic.

  2. Erwin

    I just started street photography and know exactly the feeling you describe. Most of the time I’m to shy to lift the camera and try to shoot “blind” out of the hip and hope to be lucky. 🙂 My biggest problem is focus of course beside the shaky hands. 🙂

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank s Erwin, many street photographers will talk about nerves when taking the shot. However it is better to lift the camera and ensure that you are doing the best for your subject. Most people don’t mind being taken and the few that do well just delete their photo and move on. It just takes practise, the more you do the less it will worry you.

      1. Erwin

        Thank you for your tips John. You are probably right most of them don’t care. I remarked on my photos I have taken in a shopping centre that a lot of people are looking direct into the camera even holding it down. Focus would be much easier holding it up.

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