Lake Tyrrell

Lake Tyrrell is situated in the Mallee region of Victoria.  Much of which is a marginal farming district adjacent to the National Park called Sunset Country.  As a national park it is open to tourists but be warned it is classed as four wheel drive country and not an area to visit in summer.  Despite that if one gets the opportunity to venture into Sunset Country it has a raw beauty associated with harsh dry conditions.  However I digress as I was going to mostly write about Lake Tyrrell,  very rarely anything other than a salt lake.


One can visit Lake Tyrrell via a viewing platform just outside a town called Sea Lake.  The view from there is quite distant but it allows one to see the scope of the salt lake.  Tyrrell is not on the same scale as the Salt lakes of South Australia such as Lake Eyre or Lake Frome but it is much closer to Melbourne than those lakes and therefore much easier for me to visit.  At some stage I intend going to one of the South Australian lakes.


If one wants to get closer to Tyrell then one is best advised to visit the Salt Mining company and introduce yourself and obtain their permission to drive around the lake as they currently hold the lease.  Now it is unlikely that they would protest if one ventured into the area without their permission but I still think it is the best policy to let them know that one is going to be driving around.  One final warning about driving around the perimeter of Tyrrell,  four wheel drive is a must and don’t go if it or has recently been raining.  Failing to follow these warnings will result in a long walk back for help.


Now for the photos, just two of the lake surface taken with a fisheye lens.  The first is around 1pm with a clear sky and shows the pinkish tinge to the lake, however from a distance it is white in appearance.



The second was taken around 7:15pm at sunset.



3 thoughts on “Lake Tyrrell

  1. Robyn G

    The difference is amazing John.
    The texture in the foreground is especially wonderful.
    What a great place and I bet it’s hot in the summer!

    1. johnholding Post author

      Hi Robyn, Thanks for the compliment. I went there when it was only 22 degrees Centigrade. I would think that on a hot day it would be awful, salty, harsh and glary. Of course one can’t get in there if it is wet either as the ground is very boggy when wet.


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