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Using a flash for portraits

Today I decided to try out a few techniques I learnt the other day at a workshop.  The techniques are around how to use a flash for portrait and not include the back ground, or as little as possible.


Firstly I had no model so my lovely Staffordshire Terrier had to pose for me.  Simple offer her some food bits.  Then it was set up an area to control incidental light, that is light from all around that I did not want in the scene.  That again was simple, just covered a small table with a black cloth.  Then it was down to snapping away, oh of course get the dog to pose under the table.


Important things to get right for a portrait, control the direction and amount of incidental light, control the light from a flash.  If unsure about where to point the flash head , experiment until you get the effect you are after.  Remember to not use the flash direct into the face,  unless you are deliberately after such a look.


Now this was done outside using the flash as an indirect light and bouncing it off another surface.  Then end result is some nice shots of our dog.  Hope you like them.

_MG_4387 _MG_4395 _MG_4399 _MG_4400lr _MG_4401lr


Otway Ranges

Today I took a short trip along the great ocean road.  Primarily to get a photo of a coal mine that  depicted the impact of mining on the environment,  that this photo.  Taken at Anglsea Coal Mine.


After that I went to the town of Lorne and ventured into see Erskine Falls,  quite nice but the shot I liked was the view looking downstream across the rocks.  Hope you enjoy it.





Working with Caroline

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with an aspiring model called Caroline, a charming young woman who was a delight to work with.


For the session I ended up with nearly 300 images and then struggled to reduce it to 10 or so.  Caroline is very photogenic and so easy to work with.  Now down to a few of the images:

This is my favourite.








A visit to a local park

Yesterday I went to a local park, called Bushy Park which has a wetlands area.  Now due to a somewhat dry summer it has much less water than normal.  However there was still some water and of course a few wild fowl.  After waiting patiently for a while a water fowl, a white faced grey Heron, settled on one of the roosting boxes provided by the Parks staff.  Watching and taking the occasional shot I finally got this one from a series of the bird scratching away at its neck and jaw.

Hope you like it_MG_3653