Pt Nepean, Victoria

We all went  for a drive today to Pt Nepean.  A place that we had meant to visit much earlier  but due to various reasons we just didn’t get there.


Once one has entered the park one can walk or catch the shuttle bus to cover the 2.8kms to the actual fortifications used for both WW1 and WW2. In fact this site is apparently the first to fire weapons for both world wars. Plenty to see and do, gun emplacements, tunnel systems, armouries etc, all dug into the hill.

If from overseas pick your day to visit, preferable a day in summer with the temperature maximum no more than 34 degrees Celsius.   That way the walk is pleasant and not to hot.  We walked in and bussed back.


Took a number of photos. Hope you enjoy them.

_MG_3193 _MG_3195 _MG_3200 _MG_3205


2 thoughts on “Pt Nepean, Victoria

  1. marthapfeil

    Love the light and shadows. My dad used to love to do these types of shots. I have a soft spot for them. You have mastered them!!! Really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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