Fun with a fisheye

Over christmas I had the opportunity to try out a Canon 8-15mm fisheye.  Very clever lens if one has one.  We were staying in Adelaide over the xmas break and while walking through one of the malls I spotted a staircase that looked like it would suit a fisheye shot.  Tried a few different positions and finally settled on this shot.


Using a fisheye means that one has to think differently about the composition because of the great amount of distortion the lens introduces.  In particular the Canon 8-15 which if used on a full frame sensor allows for a full circular shot that pretty well collects anything from 180 degrees around the camera, including ones feet if one wants.  The essence is to use it sparingly in this mode as it has been overused.  However if one finds a nice geometry then it comes into its own.


Enough of my ramblings here is the shot, hope you like it.



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