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Federation Square and the Ian Potter gallery, part of the NGV

Took a trip into Melbourne today to do a few street shots around the Federation Square precinct.  Very enjoyable day.  Was able to wonder around looking at works of art as well as having some fun taking the occasional photograph of people.


if you are visiting Melbourne then it is well worth a visit also the gallery is free for all to enjoy.

Hope you like the shots..

_MG_3326 _MG_3324 _MG_3323 _MG_3299


Taking a photo when there is not much to photograph.

Lately with the very hot weather and school holidays opportunities for photographs have been limited.  however if one keeps an eye open then usually one can find something to take.  Even if it is just for practice.

One of the things I look for is how the light is interacting with the subject and does that light make it more interesting.  in this case I spotted two pigeons sitting on a rail with the sun lighting their backs against a much darker green foliage.  With just a few small adjustments in photoshop, which included darkening the rail and adjusting the levels I ended up with this.

Hope you like it.


Southern Cross Railway Station Melbourne

Visited Southern Cross railway station with a small group of other photographers.  Such an interesting architecture employed in the building.  All curves and waves.  Worth visiting if you are new to Melbourne.

I used my fisheye lens for these shots.  The curvy wavy architecture for me screamed out use the fisheye.

Hope you like it.


Pt Nepean, Victoria

We all went  for a drive today to Pt Nepean.  A place that we had meant to visit much earlier  but due to various reasons we just didn’t get there.


Once one has entered the park one can walk or catch the shuttle bus to cover the 2.8kms to the actual fortifications used for both WW1 and WW2. In fact this site is apparently the first to fire weapons for both world wars. Plenty to see and do, gun emplacements, tunnel systems, armouries etc, all dug into the hill.

If from overseas pick your day to visit, preferable a day in summer with the temperature maximum no more than 34 degrees Celsius.   That way the walk is pleasant and not to hot.  We walked in and bussed back.


Took a number of photos. Hope you enjoy them.

_MG_3193 _MG_3195 _MG_3200 _MG_3205

Bridge Bay, Blairgowie

Took a quick trip to Blairgowie to check out this bay. Wasn’t sure what the sunset would be like and I was nearly too late in getting there. Would have preferred that the tide was further in so I could get some of that nice wispy effect. However that is the problem with a 80 kilometre trip to get to a scene. All in all I am happy with the shot despite the few things lacking to go from an ok image to a fantastic one.

Hope you like it.

And a black and white version


Princes Pier, Melbourne

Princes Pier is a site that I have been meaning to  get to for quite some time.  Well yesterday was finally the day.  However the sky turned out to be just a bit disappointing with a sunset that had so little colour.

So on reviewing the shots I decided that black and white was perhaps suited to the scene, or should I have said that the other way around.  Never mind, here is the shot and I hope you like it.


Back to Street work

Finally got back to doing street shots today,  an area that I really like doing when in the mood.  Managed to obtain one good shot out of three hours.  It is a shot of the Melbourne Central escalators with nice lighting and a nice collection of people busily riding the escalators.


Hope you like it.