Monthly Archives: December 2013

Photographing your pet.

If you are like me and have a pet that usually decides that it does not like to be photographed or moves from a nice position before one can get the  camera you will understand the frustration in getting a nice shot.

I usually like to get shots late in the day as the light is nice and soft and rich in colour.  However that also means that the exposure time or ISO creeps up so that one can get a no movement shot.  The solution as I have previously talked about is to over expose a small amount so that the noise generated by higher ISO settings is mitigated.

After that is is just patience.  Sooner or later one will get an image that is perhaps worth while.  The one the follows for me is the best I have taken of our dog so far.  The light was good, she stayed in the one position and I was able to take my time in getting an angle that worked.

Hope you enjoy it.



Another in my Suburban Botanicals series

Today it was time to store the hard neck garlic, harvested two weeks ago.  Whilst doing that I thought that the soft purple colours to be found in the bulbs was worth an attempt at photographing.  I did for a while contemplate using the thirty or so bulbs as a still life but not having a great backdrop spring to mind I went for the botanical series look.  I have used a very simple arrangement in this.


Hope you like it.