Visiting Sorrento, Victoria

Over the last two days I have bothered to drive to Sorrento.  On the first occasion it was to do a landscape late afternoon shot and the second to see what an Astrophotographic shot would be like.


The first scene was shot on the ocean side of Sorrento versus the Port Phillip bay side as the sun sets on the ocean side.  No doubt there would have been a lovely scene on the bay side as well but I can’t be in two places at once.  I found that the bay of Islands is very picturesque albeit with the tide out I missed getting that wispy sea over rocks.  Despite that I am happy with the great cloud structure and the nice reflections in the water.  Hope you like it as well.


_MG_2515The second trip was to get an astro photograph overlooking Diamond bay.  The shot I envisioned would not work with the lens I had nor the time of night I chose.  I need a fisheye to get in what I wanted.  Despite that I took a number of shots as the sun set and as the stars appeared.  The following shot is well after sunset with stars clearly visible.  Now what one gets at that time is glorious blues and in this shot the sea  reflects the blues in the sky.  Hope you like it.  The really bright star is Venus.





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