Simplicity and its effectiveness

One thing that one can aim for in a photograph is simplicity.  By this I mean just a few elements that comprise the photo without great clutter.  So many times I see a photo that has too much clutter and the meaning is lost.  I am sure that if one finds those great landscapes or street scenes that truly sing that one will find that they have a great deal of simplicity in the view.  It is that point which focusses the viewer without distractions that allows the viewer to understand the meaning the photographer was seeking to convey.


Today I took a shot of a table with a simple arrangement of bottles and flowers and added in just one element to speak to the viewer about the photo.  That one element was a coffee cup.  I removed a few things from the table that complicated the message.  I hope that this shot conveys the conflict between the social import of coffee drinking and in this case the isolation of one cup and its implied lack of social interaction.





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