Victoria Shrine of Remembrance

After the First World War Victoria embarked upon a project to build a memorial fitting for the States tribute to the sacrifice of its people.  Now one can get a very nice description of the Shrine from the official web site so I am not going to inadequately replicate the information here.  So Yahoo/Google/Bing away and read all about it.

However if you are visiting Melbourne then it is worth the time to go and have a look.  It opens from 10am and access is free.  On the 11th of November at 11am the floor plaque is lit by sunlight that comes in through a gap in the ceiling structure (except of course it is daylight saving here so it is 12 o’clock by Eastern Daylight Savings time) .  Line up if you want to see it on that day.


In the mean time here area few photos to wet your appetite and take time out to see this rather elegant memorial.

The Ceiling.



From the walk towards the CBD



And because I love street photos a group of people standing at the entrance._MG_2243



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