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Playing around

Sometime ago I read about the works of Idris Khan.  Idris Khan produces beautiful and surreal works based on multiple exposure blended in, I presume, Photoshop and is well worth searching for a look at his images.

Having seen those images I though I would try some of my own.  To do this I took a number of shots of some drinking straws lit from beneath, that is with the light shining into the tubes.  Then I simply blended and copied those images until I ended up with this.

It was fun and produced an abstract image.

Hope you like it.  As I have said before if anyone would like one buy my images drop me a line and I will arrange for a archival quality print to be delivered for an agreed price.



Visiting Sorrento, Victoria

Over the last two days I have bothered to drive to Sorrento.  On the first occasion it was to do a landscape late afternoon shot and the second to see what an Astrophotographic shot would be like.


The first scene was shot on the ocean side of Sorrento versus the Port Phillip bay side as the sun sets on the ocean side.  No doubt there would have been a lovely scene on the bay side as well but I can’t be in two places at once.  I found that the bay of Islands is very picturesque albeit with the tide out I missed getting that wispy sea over rocks.  Despite that I am happy with the great cloud structure and the nice reflections in the water.  Hope you like it as well.


_MG_2515The second trip was to get an astro photograph overlooking Diamond bay.  The shot I envisioned would not work with the lens I had nor the time of night I chose.  I need a fisheye to get in what I wanted.  Despite that I took a number of shots as the sun set and as the stars appeared.  The following shot is well after sunset with stars clearly visible.  Now what one gets at that time is glorious blues and in this shot the sea  reflects the blues in the sky.  Hope you like it.  The really bright star is Venus.




Telling a story

One of the difficulties I face when I try street photography is how to tell a story with the image.  So many times I end up with an image that whilst technically ok just does not convey a story.  Despite that I still go out every now and then and look.  Sometime I just get lucky and find an image that enables me to tell a story.  The following image, well at least for me, tells a story about people helping.  It is a simple scene and there is no great emotional theme it is just simply someone helping another person.


I hope that you enjoy it.



Simplicity and its effectiveness

One thing that one can aim for in a photograph is simplicity.  By this I mean just a few elements that comprise the photo without great clutter.  So many times I see a photo that has too much clutter and the meaning is lost.  I am sure that if one finds those great landscapes or street scenes that truly sing that one will find that they have a great deal of simplicity in the view.  It is that point which focusses the viewer without distractions that allows the viewer to understand the meaning the photographer was seeking to convey.


Today I took a shot of a table with a simple arrangement of bottles and flowers and added in just one element to speak to the viewer about the photo.  That one element was a coffee cup.  I removed a few things from the table that complicated the message.  I hope that this shot conveys the conflict between the social import of coffee drinking and in this case the isolation of one cup and its implied lack of social interaction.




The Harpist

Today whilst visiting Maryborough Railway Station we sat down for  a coffee.  In the cafe was a harpist playing very sweetly.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo, with permission of course.  THis is the result.  Hope you like it.



BTW if you every have the chance to visit Maryborough the do go to the railway station.  It is very nice and as Mark Twain is reputed to have said,  a very nice railway station with a town attached.  However that is not true, at least according to the Culture Victoria web page on the station.  The correct quote is (thanks to the Culture Victoria web page) is as follows:

“One of the first famous visitors was Mark Twain, and he arrived in 1895.

But he didn’t say that Maryborough was a railway station with a town attached -he said, ‘You can put the whole population of Maryborough into it with a sofa apiece and have room for more.”


It is worth the visit.

_MG_2316 _MG_2318


Bourke Street, Melbourne

LAte in the afternoon I took a quick trip into the city just so I could get a telephoto shot looking down Bourke Street in Melbourne.  Most nights are too busy with traffic to bother but today being Melbourne Cup day and therefore a public holiday traffic was non existent and there was still plenty of activity to make the street come alive.


Hope you like it.


Victoria Shrine of Remembrance

After the First World War Victoria embarked upon a project to build a memorial fitting for the States tribute to the sacrifice of its people.  Now one can get a very nice description of the Shrine from the official web site so I am not going to inadequately replicate the information here.  So Yahoo/Google/Bing away and read all about it.

However if you are visiting Melbourne then it is worth the time to go and have a look.  It opens from 10am and access is free.  On the 11th of November at 11am the floor plaque is lit by sunlight that comes in through a gap in the ceiling structure (except of course it is daylight saving here so it is 12 o’clock by Eastern Daylight Savings time) .  Line up if you want to see it on that day.


In the mean time here area few photos to wet your appetite and take time out to see this rather elegant memorial.

The Ceiling.



From the walk towards the CBD



And because I love street photos a group of people standing at the entrance._MG_2243