Street shots at night

Doing street shots at night is just a bit more difficult.  The main problem is how to get enough light so that the shutter speed is not too slow.  One can bump up the ISO of course but then compensation is required  as one must increase the exposure, i.e. over expose so as to reduce the noise.  It is all a compromise.


I ventured out last night into the CBD of Melbourne and in particular Southbank as it is an area worth visiting at night.  I took about 30 shots, in the hour I spent there, most of which have motion blur of some sort.  Why, well because to keep the ISO at 2000 or less I opted to go with a shutter speed of 1/20, really not fast enough for a 50mm lens, should have been at least 1/50th.  However like all outings practising ones art every experience is a learning.


Out of all of the shot I found two that were moderately pleasing and where the motion blur was minimal and does not, in my opinion, detract from the scene.

Hope you like them_MG_2162.



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