Black and White

Yesterday I wrote about enhancing an image. Well another way of making an image different and perhaps more striking is to convert to black and white.

Now we all know that digital cameras don’t take black and white pictures.  They are set up to only create colour.  Mind you that really is a technical creation as the chips are monochrome and colour is created via RBG filters and mathematical algorithms to create the colours. Still the colour rendering is of a very high quality.


But I digress, back to the conversion.  In this case I simply took the lizard shot that I had enhanced yesterday and converted to black and white.  I like it because like human portraits the black and white takes away the distractions of colour and allows the soul to show.


Hope you like it.  For me it has a certain appeal without the distraction of colours, allowing the mind to linger more on the texture and character portrayed in the ehnhancement.



4 thoughts on “Black and White

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you Teresa, B&W has the amazing effect of bringing out the character. Lizards are definitely cold creatures.


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