Enhancing an image

Most times I use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and use what that produces,  mostly a minimally enhanced image.  However today I thought I should try playing around in Photoshop to seek what tweaking an image would do.

I had a photograph of a lizard taken over twelve months ago and decided that that would be a nice image to enhance.  Taken with a 100mm macro and careful and slow approach to the lizard so that it filled the frame as much as possible.


_MG_1833-o Firstly I wanted to remove any distractions so that just the lizard was present and then play around with emphasis of the lizard.  To achieve this I just used dodge and burn after applying a few grad density filters available in ACR.  Then it was use a brush with soft light and either black or white toning to paint out or emphasise the areas of interest.  Then it was use saturation and vibrance to pop the colours present in the lizards skin.


Here is the result.  Let me know what you think.  Personally I think I have pushed the colours too far.



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