Working with smoke

For a long time I have meant to venture into trying out those wispy smoke images.  Well today, with a bit of spare time I thought it was time.  So it was down the street to buy some cheap incense and then out to the shed where the perfume would not bother anyone else.  Also it is darker out there so it is easier to get the images I was after.

It is simple and worth a go.  Set up the camera on a tripod, light the incense tune the flash to 1/64 power set the shutter speed for two seconds and go to it.  A black cloth for background provides a nice contrast.  I found if I nudged the incense stick just before firing the flash I could get some nice swirls.  Of course other techniques would produce their own particular patterns.  After capture I just inverted the image so that black and white were reversed, in fact it is now a negative.  I prefer the black on white however others may prefer the white on black.

Here are a sample of todays fun.  Hope you enjoy them.

_MG_0936 _MG_0942 _MG_0918 _MG_0905 _MG_0919


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