Daily Archives: September 5, 2013

Working towards the image one likes

We see many photos some truly superb some beautiful and of course some we don’t like,  a taste matter.  Despite this when we take a photograph we are trying to capture something that stirs an emotion in us.  If that emotion has been captured in a manner that conveys its meaning then one has something that others may admire.


So how does one go about this?  Well Edward Weston espoused the idea that the creative work of photography was no longer conducted in the darkroom but in the mind before taking the photograph,  pre-visualisation.  So one has pre visualised an image found the scene or topic and captured the image.  Now for some that will be just the start as post processing will be required to take the image further  to the pre visualised idea.


Today I wanted to do another photograph of some flowers picked from the roadside.  I had a certain look and feel in my mind.  So after arranging the flowers I took the first few photographs,  not that happy with them.  So it was time to adjust the light, include some flash and try again.  This involved many different angles, compositions and distances, looking for that image that I liked.  After thirty attempts I thought I had one that did something for me.


This image has been lit from underneath with a strip florescent light, light from above, window light from behind and a flash set at 1/32 power.  Now I just didn’t get there on one attempt, it required experimentation, changing composition, light angles and intensity.  However it satisfied my pre-visualisation. Post processing was minimal as the effort went into the pre photograph thinking and  photographic variation.  So it is important to do some pre visualisation, to have in ones mind the sort of image one is seeking before venturing out with the camera.


Hope you like the image and that my ramblings are of some use in your photography.