A different take on a floral arrangement

Yesterday I thought I would try a different approach to taking high key photographs of botanicals.  Whilst this is not strictly high key any more and it is not backlit like all of my other high key botanicals it does provide for a different view and feel in the photograph.


I have taken a piece of foam board, white in this case and added in a white backdrop, a canvas paint board.  Into the foam board I have stuck a few pieces of blossoming ornamental pear and then.  After that it was just adjust for the light using a low flash setting and the natural light through the window.  Took about 20 shots and found only one that I halfway liked.

What appealed to me about this photo was the subtle refections of the stems in the white surface and the soft greys in the backgrounds, different from the very high key work I usually do.


What is lacking is the floral arrangement,  that is where my less developed artistic abilities fail me.  I rely more on randomness than the ability to arrange flowers for their maximum effect.


Hope you like it.



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