Cheviot Rail Tunnel, Yea.

The country town on Yea, about 100km’s north of Melbourne has a few hidden gems.  One of these is the Cheviot railway Tunnel.  To Quote Wikipedia “Cheviot tunnel was built for the extension of the Mansfield railway line from Yea and is located near Limestone, roughly half way between Yea and Molesworth, where the line crosses the Black Range at McLoughlin’s Gap. It was built in 1889, at a cost of £88,661/2/11, by contractors by Kenny Bros. as part of the Yea to Cathkin section”.

Now for photographers is it worth visiting,  I say yes however one will need a bit more than just a camera.  To get the photos of inside the tunnel and emphasise the shelters one needs a tripod and another light source,  Either a flash or a torch to illuminate the shelters.

For these photos the first is a HDR the second is an overexposed picture adjusted in ACR the third is another shelter looking from the western end and the last one is of the entrance looking west.cheviotHDR2


_MG_0641_MG_0624Hope you enjoy them.


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