Ferny Creek

Today, with the potential for snow above 500 metres in the Dandenong’s I thought that it was worth while taking a drive and see if there was snow worth photographing.  Unfortunately while I was there no snow,  a bit of hail but alas no snow.


I had been to Ferny Creek (which is in the Dandenong’s) reserve a few times and had seen a few old buildings that had potential for photos.  Now the windows were so dirty on one that I could not get a worthwhile shot, which is a pity because it had great potential.


The other two were ok so it was find a window that provided the best view of the interior and go to it.  For these images I used bracketing, 3 images each a stop apart and processed in Photoshops HDR tool.  This is the result from the first building.  Quite like the old blue carpet and brown lounge suite.




The second was a much larger hall again with a few benches against the far window.


Hope you like them.




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