Seeking Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner was a superb landscape painter. Producing exquisite landscapes with absolute mastery of light in his work.

As a photographer I keep seeking landscape scenes that have that special light.  Today I thought the clouds looked like I might be able to find a few scenes that had that light.  So it was off for a drive.  Unfortunately I think I left it too late as the cloud base was higher than I wanted in the area I choose to drive too.  The result was a drive with only one stop where I thought the scenery warranted getting out the camera.

As luck would have it the best viewing positions were occupied by houses.  Now being reluctant to call on someone unknown and ask if I could stand on their roof I had to take second best.  Which was looking out from a car park of a hotel.  Moreover the light was not what I wanted.  Still I took a couple of shots of a tree that had some nice light on it and a few of the valley.

It all adds to experience and knowledge so I am happy with the learnings and I hope you like the shots.


20130806_7367 20130806_7372


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