Out and about with the Canon 16-35mm zoom

Normally when going out on the streets I use the 24-105.  However on Sunday I decided to take the 16-35mm instead.  I was intending to try and use the 16mm end for street shots.  However as I was with my partner and some friends I did not have that much time to do street shots.


Moreover I found that using the 16mm end meant being very confrontational with the camera and its rather large lens almost touching the subject.  Not something that I was so keen on that day.  I did do two shots of cyclists using the 16mm  end,  this is one of them:



I love the effect at the wide end but one has to be very careful to avoid personal injury when getting in close.  In this case I was standing right on the road edge and leaning out a bit.  Safe enough and close enough to get that great 16mm look.

Two other shots were taken with the 35mm end .


The first is just a shot of a car park looking through a side window and is more about abstraction than anything else.  I have deliberately darkened the outside wall to emphasise the yellow lines versus the sloping surfaces inside.



The second was of more cyclists.  What I like about this image is not only the two cyclists but the two pedestrians in step further back in the image.  Does something for me,  hope you like it.



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