One month from the winter solstice

Had a cold the last few days and have not felt like blogging, feeling better today so it is time to write a quick blog on a pinhole camera that has been out since the winter solstice.

Today I recovered the camera from its mounting place and scanned the paper. However some moisture had seeped in, possibly through the lid so the paper was a bit wet and the image shows that.   Despite the moisture of great interest to me is the solar tacks made from the winter solstice for one month and two days.  The two days are because I just did not feel like going out in the cold and getting the camera down,  Lazy I know but that is what having a cold does to me.


Firstly a quick explanation as to why the sun tacks have a curve,  it is because the paper is curved inside a can so that paper curvature distorts the image.

Not much else is visible, fine detail does not exist however one can see the silhouette of the neighbours house and trees.  Still I like the image and hope you do to.



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