Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

More of the Suburban Botanicals

A few days ago I saw a nicely twisted set of leaves from an Australian Eucalyptus.   Now not being a person that has bothered to learn the names of many plants, mainly because it does not interest me, I cannot tell you what type of Eucalyptus it is from.  However I do like the way the dead leaves form a nice twisting shape.


At one stage I thought that I would focus stack the exposures so that all parts of the leaves were in focus.  However that after several tries did not work so well.  There were several focus artefacts introduced that made the combined photo look a bit weird.  So I pursued another aspect of the shape,  its curves and shadows.


This is the result, hope you like it and if you would like a copy hanging on your wall then drop me a line and we can discuss the price for an A3 print.  All prints are done by a professional printer on Canson Rag Photographique with archival inks.20130713_7104