Lights are on

Early morning in Melbourne and like most cities it is pretty quiet,  lights are on but there are not many people about.  This provide for a different aspect on street photography.  One can explore the city as an empty space, bereft of people, well almost empty.

There are signs of life hidden in amongst the infrastructure that we take for granted, the buildings, roads and railway stations.  But no where near as much activity as abounds  when the workers and shoppers go about their daily tasks.

Exploration of the city is perhaps more risky, after all I am carrying a nice camera and bag.  So I do stick to the lit areas and where the trouble makers avoid due to the higher police presence. To go to the darker places would mean needing company so as to reduce the risk.  Not many others really want to get up early on a Saturday and walk around a cold city.

In this set of captures I have explored the railway station, carparks and  empty restaurants. I hope you enjoy my views on the quiet city.  If a particular image strikes your fancy then drop me a line and we can discuss the purchase of said piece.

Flinders street Railway station looking out, a very photographed view, so nice that the young woman dressed in matching colours.


Princess Bridge looking to the CBD as the sun rises, not that you can see it because of the clouds.


Just a closed cafe.


One of the many carparks to be found under the major buildings.


Flinders Railway Station from Swanston Street.



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