Finding abstracts in the urban environment

Yesterday I went on a photo walk with a three others from a collective known as SITHOM, which stands for Shot In The Heart Of Melbourne.  Normally when I do these walks I concentrate on street shots.  However yesterday for some reason I did not feel much like lifting the camera to take shots of people.  Maybe it was because I had been up since 5am and in the city from 6am walking around taking shots of things that I would not normally take on a street photo walk before meeting the others at 11am.  Certainly street photography for me requires a positive and energetic approach which was perhaps lacking as the day wore on.

On reviewing the images I decided that there were four that in reality were really urban abstracts.

Here are the four shots.  Hope you enjoy them,  they are for sale if you would like an A3 print then drop me an email and I will discuss prices with you.  All of my prints are done professionally on Canson Rag Photographique with archival inks.

20130714_7119 20130714_7225 20130714_7224 20130714_7152


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