Suburban Botanicals

I have a series of photographs which I call Suburban Botanicals.  I think there is about 20-25 images in the collection now.  I often spend a fair amount of time looking for a leaves or flowers that has a nice shape or colours that will lend themselves to high key photography.  Yesterday I found another small set of leaves from a local park that had nice shape and form.


After playing around with the background,  which I do change depending upon what I think suits and it is very subtle because mostly the background has been overexposed.  Despite the overexposure the subtle changes do make a difference.  In this case I used a painting canvas as the background which imparts a very slight textured look.  I could of course enhance this by reducing the overexposure so that the texture stands out more.  However that is not the effect in this series that I want.

The complete collection is available for purchase as individual items, however they are limited editions.  Some have only three copies at A3 available.  So if one takes your fancy,  you can see many of them by clicking on the tab at the top of the page called “My Photography”  and selecting the Suburban Botanicals from the portfolio collection, then by all means contact me and we can discuss price for a print at A3.

All of my prints are done by a professional printer on Canson Rag Photographique with archival inks.

After all of that sales spin here is the latest image.




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