Daily Archives: July 12, 2013

Edithvale beach

After seeing some of the works by Hiroshi Sugimoto and very much liking the minimalist approach of his seascapes I have been occasionally going to Edithvale beach and trying a few shots.  The last time I went it was raining and the shots were ok but they had not captured the scene as I wanted.  Today with approaching rain clouds and a fair bit of haze from city pollution I thought today might just give me what I wanted.


Now bear in mind that Sugimoto often exposed large format film for several hours and I am using a digital camera and going for 1/100th of a second that this is in no way the same as Sugimoto’s work.  The effect is similar but it does not have the same deep ethereal quality of Sugimoto’s work.  I would need to greatly develop my expertise in large format photography before  going for those lengthy exposures.


However as this is similar but derived from Sugimoto I can to some extend claim it as mine with acknowledgement to Sugimoto as he acknowledges Sol Lewitt’s influence on his work.

I like the minimal effect of finding a seascape where the horizon line has become indistinct due to atmospheric conditions.


Now here are the three shots taken today.

20130712_7073 20130712_7074 20130712_7076


I have two large format shots taken but not processed.  They were difficult because there was no clear horizon to focus on,  so I am not sure what I will get when processed.  That is the great  part of doing film.


If  you would like to purchase any of my prints then drop me a line and let me know and I can let you know the price for A4 or A3 print size.