City life in the twenty first century

We often look back in time when we look at photos from the early masters.  We see how life was in the past, the street scenes, factory workers, war all part of the rich photographic history preserved by museum’s collectors and galleries.

At some time someone will look back on photos taken now or in the future and marvel/reminisce at life of the time.  More photos are taken today than any other time in history.  Camera’s abound in phones as well as digital forms of all shapes and sizes.  Each recording some aspect of life in the 21’st century.  All that survive the changes in digital changes will provide a clue to life as we know it now.  For it will change as it changed for our parents and their parents.

So what?  and what has that got to do with my musings on photography.  Well like any serious photographer, either professional or amateur like me there is a secret desire, I believe, that ones photos will be admired in the future.  Perhaps not for their artistic ability or the fine art status but purely because they have captured a moment in time that people will look at and wonder about.  I think this photo sits in that group for me.  It depicts aspects of modern life that only a few years ago was not known.  For that it forms a part of recorded history.  Of course it may be ignored and missed by future generations.  That is the risk we all face.  Regardless I hope you like it.



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