Exploring lines and shadows

Today, instead of heading out I thought I would try and find something of interest in the home to photograph.  Looking around whilst wondering what in the house I could snap that would at least provide for something bordering on reasonable I noticed  that lines and shadows on my kitchen floor made an interesting pattern.  Moreover if I took the photo from an elevated position I could at least look artistic in the vein of Laszlo Moholy Nagy.

After twenty shots, necessary because I could not see the view finder, I finally found a photo that picked up the shadow lines and chair orientations in manner that appealed to me. I converted to B&W because the study is all about lines and shadows.


There is a hidden intersection between the lines of the table and the shadow from the window which is intriguing and perhaps in todays modern view of composition would be frowned upon because it has the potential to take the viewers eyes out of the frame.  However for me so called rules of composition are perhaps the least important.  It is more about as I have previously discussed about balance.  In this case I have not deliberately sought balance as this image is more in the abstract.  Certainly the triangulation of the image by the table and the shadows is providing balance of a sort.  The near vertical view just provides a different view point to the image and adds its own interest.


Hope you like it, let me know what you think.



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