Building a Camera part 4

Today saw the near completion of the building of a 4×5 Field Camera.  One will notice a rubber band still on the camera,  that is because I have two small clasps to make to hold the back on.  Just didn’t have enough time today to do those two items.  Tomorrow I will finish the build and then it is test time.

I have to admit I am rather excited about using this.  It is not often one gets to build something like this and then have the sheer pleasure of using it in my most favourite occupation.  Of course there is some trepidation,  what if it is out of focus because my critical measurement of the glass back and film holder seat is not correct.  Mind you I think it is. It has to be 4.8mm and the brass bar I used was 4.8mm according to my vernier callipers.  Still that is the area of most concern.  I have checked for light leaks and can find none so far,  another defect if there is one to fix.

There are a few design flaws, which if I was to build another camera I would change, however considering the time and effort required to do this I think I would just buy one.  Some parts don’t slide as well as I would like but they should bed down after some use or maybe slight adjustment.  Anyone closely inspecting the camera will see mistakes in the build but that I am comfortable with as much of the work, especially the brass was all new stuff,  learning by experience I think it is called.

I think Monday is the test day.  It will be into town to buy some film and a dark bag and then around to St Patrick’s to try it out.  Then of course its development time.  Do I do that or should I get a lab to do it?  Not sure yet,  I think I wan’t to do my own developing but that means chemicals, timers, trays or special tubs.

In the mean time here it is, let me know what you think.


Did I say I was excited,  oh yes I am.


4 thoughts on “Building a Camera part 4

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you Andrew, have taken 8 shots with it now. Learning about printing at the moment.


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