From the Spanish Steps

Italy and in particular Rome has so many delights for the tourist.  I must say that Rome was spectacular,  what with the Colosseum, The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps,  numerous gorgeous Basilica’s the list goes on.   On top of that within one days drive, and we did drive, or by fast rail one can be in Venice, or the like.


Italy is one place that we will go back for more off.  One week was not enough to do Rome justice.  I think we had barely started to find our way around and we were on our way to Spain. Still we knew it was going to be a whirlwind tour of Europe, a wetting of the taste buds.

Todays photo was taken from the Spanish Steps a mecca for tourists in the evening.  As one can see from the photo there are people everywhere, some meeting,  some taking photographs and some just well waiting.   For me this photo works because I like the balance between the people and the cars, not to many just a few to show that  it is a modern day shot.  Hope you enjoy it.





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