Why we take photographs

Have you ever wondered why people take photographs?  Or is the question better phrased as what is the appeal of photographs,  why the enduring popularity of the art?

Well during our tour of Europe last year (2012) I happened to be in  a museum in Madrid,  the Telefonica museum to be precise,  which is more a museum about the architecture than telecommunications.  On one of the floors there are a series of photographs showing the building of the original Telephone Exchange, along with other events of the period. Mind you I could be corrected here as I was the only English speaking person on the tour and my Spanish consisted of two words,  so I might have missed the point of the photos.   Quite fascinating looking back in time at the construction.

Therein lies the reason, in my opinion, of why photographs are popular.  They capture forever a moment in time.  No matter wether it is for a family or a significant historical event or a series as per the museum depicting the construction of some significance it still allows one to relive that time.


Here is the series in the museum, with a gentleman tripping back through history.


The reason we take photographs:



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