Street Portraits

Last weekend I ventured out into the streets of Melbourne with the intent of taking a few shots around the city.  You saw in the last post the Manchester Unity building and I said I would publish the street portraits.

Well here they are:

20130610_6824 20130610_6826

Street portraiture is perhaps the most daunting of street photography, it certainly is for me.  To approach a total stranger and ask if one can take their photo requires some confidence and a friendly manner.  This is something I can achieve most of the time but not always and I find it easier to do if I am with someone.  However this week end I was alone and feeling in a good mood so it was all hands to the pump, to use an old quote and ask those that for me presented an interesting face.  Interestingly of the four or five people I asked only one refused, but they wanted me to use their camera so they could have a memory of themselves pictured in Hosier Lane, a very interesting street art location.  Naturally I obliged as single tourists often miss the opportunity to include themselves in the scene.

Of the few street portraits I took two were not so good so I will not publish them.  Hope you like these two.


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